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Refer A Friend


Buds for Buddies

BCBX Refer a Friend Promo

Refer a friend and earn 6,250 points on your account. That means you get $25 that you can use anytime!


1. Refer friends through email, Facebook, or Twitter. When you invite them, they will get a welcome credit of 2,000 points when they create a BCBX account.

2. You will get 6,250 points on your account on their first order. This is our thank-you gift for you.

3. To refer a friend through the website:

    • Log in to your account.
    • Go to My Account.
    • On the right, click Refer Friends.
    • Enter your friend’s email address then click Send.

Note: The points you earn will not reflect until your friends fulfill their payment. They must complete the order and submit payment.

What a great way to share buds with your buddies!

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