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Kush Berry


Kush Berry is a 100% indica dominant strain that has a THC level that ranges from 20% to 22%. Also known as Berry Kush, this bud is a cross between the hybrid OG Kush and the powerful Blueberry strains. That’s one unique blend that provides exhilaration for your smoking pleasure. Its nugs are relatively large and a bit dark green in color, hinting at earthy and woodsy smell with citrus undertones that also linger on the taste buds after smoking. The buds are covered with wiry pistils and showered with white trichomes for a more enchanting appearance.

Kush Berry provides a strong cerebral rush that may be too intense for new users but for those who can handle this bud, it provides a perfect mental balance for a euphoric and giggly sensation without the overly sedated effects. It is popular as a medical strain for insomnia, muscle spasms, headaches, stress, and depression.

  • Lineage: Indica Dominant Hybrid (100% Indica); a cross between OG Kush and Blueberry strains
  • THC: 20% to 22%
  • Effects: Relaxed, Happy, Sleepy, Social, Euphoric
  • Uses: Chronic Pain, Arthritis, Insomnia, Stress, Migraine, Anxiety, Loss of Appetite
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Also known as Berry Kush, Kush Berry is what you may call a “very” indica strain that is an offspring of Blueberry from Oregon and OG Kush from Los Angeles. Its lineage says a lot about its potent effects with a THC ranging from 20% to 22%. Experienced smokers reported a blissful vibe from the onset of smoking that they can feel the kick throughout their body with some relaxing effect on the muscles.

This bud has an earth-like appearance, being relatively large and dark green in color. The nugs are covered with wiry pistils and showered with The buds are covered with wiry pistils and sticky crystal trichomes that hint on its powerful action. The aromas of earth, citrus, and wood make you in tune with the elements of nature.

Kush Berry is a perfect bud after a long day at work to calm your mind and relax the muscles that will soon provide relief from sleeplessness, stress, and muscle aches. This is also used by patients who are undergoing chemotherapy and suffering from depression.

Get very high with this very kush.

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