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Ganja Bears Sour Assorted Flavours


1 Pkg - $15.99 

Ganja Bears Sour Assorted Flavours are the best-dosed medical, best-tasting edibles in the market. It is made from premium Terpenes extracted from the cannabis flower handcrafted. Each gummy bear is infused with 15 mg of pure food-grade cannabis oil with sourness that gives your mouth a good kick. The high-grade edible gummies last for 3 to 4 hours after 30 minutes of consumption without the effects of hangover.

Each pack has 10 gummies in 7 different sour flavours. You may be lucky to enjoy them all in one pack.

  • Packaging: 10 x 15mg THC Gummies per bag
  • Lineage: 100% pure cannabis-infused edibles
  • Effects: Relaxed, Happy, Sedated, Euphoric, Uplifted
  • Uses: Pain, Stress, Insomnia, Anxiety, Depression
  • Flavours: Apple, Orange, Strawberry, Lemon Lime, Watermelon, Black Cherry, Blue Raspberry
  • Storage: Room temperature—you can use it up to 3 months; Refrigerator—you can use it up to 1 year
  • Ingredients: sugar, water, gelatin, citric acid, natural flavours, cannabis oil, colour

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SKU: ganja-bears-sour-assorted-flavours


Ganja Bears Sour Assorted Flavours – These Gummy Bears are small, fruit, gelatin – based treats shaped in the form of a bear many children like nibble. Ganja Bears Sour Assorted Flavours takes you back to your childhood days with the relaxing experience of consuming ganjas. That’s a natural high in a nostalgic sense.

A gummy may take 30 to 90 minutes to reach full effect after consumption. You can enjoy the frenzy up to 3 to 4 hours with just a single gummy. Wait for at least 30 minutes before adding a dose.

Due to commercial food manufacturing, each pack may not contain all the 7 sour flavours, but you’ll surely enjoy the acrid sweetness in each gummy.

Relive those childhood days and get the right kind of high.

WARNING: Keep away from children and pets.

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