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»Relieves s chronic pain

»Relieves extreme nausea



BCBX Budder is the result of a decade of research that began with the making of liquid cannabis honey oil. Later in the 1990’s  in Surrey, British Columbia (near Vancouver), carried honey oil manufacturing to new heights, eventually creating a product called “Budder.” The high is uplifting and unique, because Budder contains such a huge percentage of THC and because a hit of Budder contains only pure cannabinoid vapor instead of the harmful byproducts of combustible materials found in a hit of regular marijuana or hashish. Indeed, when pot smokers inhale burned marijuana, part of the “high” they feel is actually not a high at all,  it’s a set of unpleasant toxic effects produced by inhaling burned plant material along with cannabinoids.

Budder ranges from greenish-brown to golden in color; semi-hard, like putty. The blonder and smoother the Budder, the better it is.

BCBX Budder hits the nail right on the head.  This product is perfection.  Something that needs to be experienced.

Reviews (4)

4 reviews for BCBX BUDDER

  1. Mike

    Good Budder, Good Price.
    What more can you ask for 🙂

  2. Rafa

    I am regular at this amazing place… best service and cannabis hands down always highly recommend for smokers!

  3. Sean

    Great Budder and you wont find a better price.

  4. Tiddler

    Wow, just amazingly smooth. Light flavored, not at all harsh. I will regularly add this to my order.
    Not a burn out high but will definitely help with insomnia if you use it right! Personally I give 6/5 stars because the great price and how versatile the high is!

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