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We are one of over 200 dispensaries that are NOT operating under the federally-approved medical marijuana system. To qualify under the federal system, you’ll need to get a doctor’s approval and Health Canada’s permission to purchase from one of the 26 licensed producers. Canada has been shipping weed in the mail since the ’90s, and to date, we know of no-one who has ever been charged with receiving pot in the mail. That being said, there is still a risk on both ends as we are not working with any federal approval.

Your order will be discreetly packaged and double vacuum-sealed to protect and maintain your privacy. We ship using Xpresspost mailers with no indication of what is inside.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on placing your order online with BCBX:

1. Locate the products you are interested in ordering by going to

2. Click on the desired product(s), choose your quantity then click “Add to Cart.”

3. When you have all your products in your shopping cart and are ready to Checkout, click on the shopping cart icon, and you will be redirected to the View Cart page.

4. Check to see if everything looks right, if you have a coupon code, enter in the code and click Apply Coupon. When you are ready click on the Proceed to Checkout button.

5. In the Checkout page, you will need to log in with your email address and password. If this is your first time registering with us, you will need to provide your email and choose a password, and an account will be set up for you.

6. Once you’ve filled in all the required fields, you’ll need to accept the Terms and Conditions (located on the bottom of the page) then click “Place Order.”

7. On the Checkout Confirmation page, you will see your order number and instructions on sending an Interac E-transfer. Orders only ship after E-transfer has been received. Orders will be canceled if payment is not received within 4 hours of placing the order

8. Once we collect your E-Transfer, your order will be processed and will ship the following business day. We’ll email your Xpresspost tracking number as soon as available.

9. Congrats, you have now placed your order!

We do not ship outside Canada.

The total time from payment to delivery may vary between 2-5 business days.

If you would like to add or edit your order, you’ll need to enter a new order, and we will cancel your original order. Please email [email protected] with the order number you would like cancelled. If you would like your order cancelled and it has not shipped out yet, please email [email protected]. All order edits/cancels are made on a best-efforts basis.

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Payment is made using Interac E-transfer. If you use online banking with a Canadian bank or credit union, then sending a transfer takes just a couple of minutes. Instructions will be provided with your online invoice and orders ship only after E-Transfer have been received. If we receive your payment by 12 PM PST (3 PM EST), your order ships that business day, or else it ships the next business day.

If you are new to Interac E-transfers, please visit

If you use online banking with a Canadian bank/credit union, then sending an Interac E-transfer takes just a couple of minutes.

Google is a great tool, and if you search “your bank name” + Interac E-transfer in, you should easily find instructions on how to send a transfer with your financial institution.

For information on sending an E-transfer, please contact your bank or

Shipping & handling charges are set to match the rates from Canada Post. Currently, that is $20 for Xpresspost. If you spend $250.00 or more shipping is FREE!

Once you’ve sent your E-transfer, it could take up to 40 minutes for us to receive an email notifying us of your payment. Your E-transfer will be pending until we collect the E-transfer (when we process your order). If we receive your E-transfer by 12:00 pm PST Monday to Friday, your order will ship the same business day or else it’ll ship the following business day. Once your order has shipped, tracking info will be sent by email.

Once you’ve placed your order, the next step in the process will be to submit an Interac E-transfer. Your order will be kept On Hold till we receive your E-transfer. Orders will be canceled if payment is not received within 4 hours of placing the order.

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Indica – Indica is a classification that is used to establish the geographic origin of a cultivar (strain) and is reserved for cannabis varieties that are typically shorter in height with wider leaves than their sativa counterparts.

Indica Effects – Indica strains generally provide a sense of deep body relaxation.

Sativa – Sativa is a classification that is reserved for cannabis varieties that, due to their origins, are typically taller in height with thinner leaves than their Indica counterparts.

Sativa Effects – Sativa strains tend to provide a more energizing experience.

Hybrid – Hybrid varieties are combinations of both Indicas and Sativas, possessing traits and characteristics attributed to each classification.

Hybrid Effects – Since hybrids are a mix of sativa and Indica, they can provide both mind and body effects.

Please be advised that due to circumstances that are out of our control, such as summer heat and humidity, there is a risk that the shatter you ordered will turn to budder by the time you receive it. Unfortunately, shatter turning to budder is not uncommon when exposed to heat but it does not make your shatter unsafe in any way. We do not offer any reimbursement or refunds if your shatter turns to budder.

Yes! Product images are taken by our professional photographer specializing in macro photography. Whenever we receive new stock, we have him come in and make new photos, so you know exactly what the product( s ) you are purchasing looks like.

Cannabinoids are the chemical compounds found in cannabis that have been reported to have therapeutic benefits. The two most commonly discussed cannabinoids are THC and CBD.

THC is the main psychoactive component of the cannabis plant. In other words, THC is the primary agent responsible for creating the ‘high’ associated with recreational cannabis use. This compound works, in part, by mimicking the effects of anandamide and 2-AG. These neurotransmitters are produced naturally by the human body and help to modulate sleeping and eating habits, the perception of pain, and many other bodily functions.
  • The effects of THC include:
  • Relaxation
  • Altered senses of sight, smell, and hearing
  • Fatigue
  • Hunger
  • Reduced aggression
CBD has the same chemical formula as THC, with the atoms in a different arrangement.This slight variance causes THC to create a psychoactive effect, while CBD does not. This fact means that when you ingest CBD for medical purposes, you will more likely experience a relief of your unwanted discomfort, with little or no noticeable effect on your cognitive abilities.
  • Decreases negative side effects of THC
  • Reduced anxiety
  • Decreased short term memory impairment
  • No obvious intoxicating effects

Terpenes are organic compounds, produced by a variety of plants including cannabis. They are responsible for the unique aromas and flavors of different cannabis cultivars (strains). Research is currently underway to substantiate if terpenes work in conjunction with cannabinoids to produce exclusive therapeutic benefits.

To date, researchers have discovered over 100 different terpenes in cannabis varieties.

BC Bud Express strongly advises its patients to refrain from using motor vehicles and to avoid operating any heavy machinery while under the influence of cannabis. Some reported effects of cannabis, such as sedative and psychoactive effects, may impair the user’s motor skills.

Cannabis is addictive, though not everyone who uses it will develop an addiction. – Government of Canada

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BC Bud Express assumes no responsibility for lost orders due to:

  • Mistakes made by the postal offices.
  • The wrong address was given by the customer.
  • Damage to order by postal service.
  • Expired PO BOX numbers.
  • If your package is damaged or does not show up, we may administer a coupon towards your next purchase.
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Buy Weed Online in Canada Safely and Easily with BC Bud Express

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